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Seek wisdom to understand how the universe, mankind and society functions. Have a sense of justice, freedom, morality, equality and ethics.
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Seek knowledge to be immune and live a stable life. Have professional ethics and ensure job security, pensions and promotion.
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Seek the glitters of wealth through personal initiatives. Have a sense of freedom to thrive and create wealth for self gain and society.

Life Sequences is a fable about dreams, choices and happiness in life. It tells the story of three groups of characters who have to make difficult but necessary choices, and who begin a journey by choosing a sequence between knowledge, wisdom and wealth. Their fateful journey to find the princess – the guardian of their dying kingdom – is full of insights about dreams, choices, and happiness; which are reflected in our real lives. The three groups – metaphors for professionals, intellectuals and entrepreneurs – disagree at the beginning of their journey, and part ways in search of immunity, safety, and glitters, respectively. The professionals seek immunity first, the intellectuals seek safety first, whilst the entrepreneurs seek glitters first. This is all in aid of their epic journey to find the princess – a symbol of happiness. In the end, who will deserve the ultimate prize? Who will marry the princess and be happy forever? The professional possessing knowledge? The intellectual possessing wisdom? Or the entrepreneur possessing wealth?

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  • Courting The Princess

    Is it better to be wise, wealthy or knowledgeable? Which pathway will take you further in life and better achieve your life goals? Is there a perfect balance which could help make your life happier?
  • Lonely Walk To Greatness

    Sometimes in order to be great, we have to be willing to take the road less travelled. The road to greatness is paved with hard work, risk and loneliness, but the journey is always worth it in the end.
  • Fly When You Can

    In this encounter two birds contemplate that if two wings are sufficient to fly, why the wait? Sometimes in real life we have more than it takes to fly, yet we continue to wait endlessly. Lets fly when we can friends!
  • Life Sequences Advert

    Life Sequences is now available as both an e-book, and a traditional paper back book. If you would like some assistance in discovering the sequences of happiness, why not pick up your copy today?
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Follow three exciting story paths and discover the value of knowledge, wealth and wisdom, as you traverse through the depths of the jungle kingdom. Will you achieve the balance needed to survive and rescue the princess?

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Business Consultancy

Once we have an understanding of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, we will be able to provide advice and support to guide your company onto the path to success.

Innovation Management

With our professional advice and support, we will help you to understand and manage the opportunities available to your company, and in time create innovative ideas and products.

Financial Services

With our industry experience, we will provide advice and support that will help you to decrease unnecessary expense and increase return on investment.

Mapping Innovation Strategy

New innovations are made every day. By examining market trends we will help you to ensure that the next big innovation is yours.

Innovation Footprint

As accredited experts, we will use the world most comprehensive innovation measurement and assessment tool to manage your business.

Coaching & Mentoring

We will help you to achieve the balance and stability that you need to get ahead in life and to help you make your dreams a reality.


  • Oscar Mwaanga

    Dr Oscar Mwaanga

    “The author challenges the common misconception that happiness and fulfilment can be achieved adamantly by pursuing only one sequence (pathway) or one sequence at a time.”

  • Susana Santos

    Susana Santos

    “The author uses his expertise and the richness of cultures and values, to show the importance of decisions. I would recommend you to get inspired by Life Sequences.”

  • Syed Islam

    “This book is great to open a new window to deeply think about parts of human beings. You can learn a lot when you read the book. Very good effort made by the author to make it simple but very interesting.”

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